Rainbow Lady (Mandy) has been enjoying the benefits of meditation since the age of 18 when she used to go to meditation classes with her Mother a couple of times a week. A couple of years ago, shortly after her Father passed away, she felt guided to write six (6) meditations. Each one with a different quality to it.

The first one, Crystal Caves, is a re-energising meditation.

The second, The Stream, is a cleansing, letting go meditation.

The third, Inner Child, is an enchanting and carefree, happy meditation.

The fourth, The Lake, is a meditation that takes you to your Higher Self.

The fifth Rainbow Waterfall is a healing and cleansing meditation.

The sixth Angelite Mountain is a self-forgiveness meditation.

While facilitating one of these meditations, a Lady in her circle suggested that she record them. So it is with great pleasure, that Rainbow Lady Meditations are available for everyone to enjoy today.